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Understanding the Identity Protection PIN on the Federal Information Worksheet

by Intuit Updated 8 months ago

In ProSeries, what's the Identity Protection PIN field found on the Federal Information Worksheet, Part VI?

What is the Identity Protection PIN?

The Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN) is a six-digit number the IRS issues to victims of tax-related identity theft. It prevents someone else from filing a tax return using your Social Security number.

Taxpayers with an IP PIN have had their identities verified by the IRS to help them avoid delays in processing their federal returns.

Refer to this IRS FAQ for more information about Identity Protection PINs. If the taxpayer was issued an IPPIN and it's not entered into the tax return before e-filing the IRS will reject the return with Rejection IND-181-01. Entering the IPPIN and e-filing the return again will resolve this rejection.

How the IP PIN works

Once the IRS has resolved your tax account issues, they'll mail you a CP01A notice with your IP PIN each year.

As of 2021, you may voluntarily opt into the IP PIN program as a proactive way to protect yourself from tax-related identity theft.

For more information on applying for an IP PIN, see the IRS's Get An Identity Protection PIN.

Entering your IP PIN in ProSeries

The Identity Protection PIN (IP-PIN) is a 6-digit number provided to a very limited number of taxpayers. If an IP PIN has been provided, entering it will speed the processing of the return. If it isn't entered, or it's entered incorrectly, there may be a delay in processing the return.

For tax years 2011 and later, the Identity Protection PIN is entered on the Federal Information WorksheetPart VIElectronic Filing of Tax Return Information in the field Identity Protection PIN located above the Practitioner PIN Program Information.

If the taxpayer is filing jointly and both taxpayer and spouse received IRS Letter 4869C and an IP PIN, only the taxpayer appearing first on the return (the primary taxpayer) should enter their respective IP PIN in the proper location.

To enter your IP PIN:

  1. Go to the Federal Information Worksheet.
  2. Scroll to Part VI – Electronic Filing of Tax Return Information - Continued.
  3. In the Identity Protection PIN section, enter the applicable IP PIN in the following fields:
    • If the IRS sent the taxpayer an Identity Protection PIN, enter it here
    • If the IRS sent the spouse an Identity Protection PIN, enter it here

For more information about filing federal e-file and paper tax returns with an IP PIN, see the IRS's Understanding Your CP01A Notice.

Entering the IP PIN for a dependent

To enter the IP PIN for a dependent:

  1. Press F6 to go to the Open Forms screen.
  2. Type the letter "I" to highlight the line labeled Info Wks.
  3. Click OK to open the Federal Information Worksheet.
  4. Scroll down to Part III - Dependent/Earned Income Credit/Child and Dependent Care Credit Information.
  5. Enter the dependent's IP PIN in the Dependent Identity Protection PIN field (in the second column from the right).

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