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How to download and restore converted client files in Lacerte

by Intuit Updated 7 months ago

The steps below will help you download and restore files you converted from a different tax program to Lacerte. You can download all converted files the same way, however, steps for restoring the files will differ based on whether you converted your clients to Lacerte 2023 or converted to Lacerte 2022 to print organizers.

Step one - Download your converted data

  1. Select the Import dropdown menu.
  2. Select Client Data Conversion and select on Download Converted Client Data.
  3. Enter your Username and Password, then select the Login button.
  4. A screen will appear listing the batch(es) you submitted for data conversion.
  5. Select the box next to the completed batch to be downloaded, then select the Download button.
    • Only one batch can be selected at a time for download.
  6. Select Done to close the Tax Data Conversion wizard.

Step two - Restore the converted clients

If you converted clients to Lacerte 2023:

The Transferring Clients window will appear after your download and show the progress of the transfer; this might take longer if you're importing a lot of clients. Once the progress is complete, you can switch to any other tax types you converted and start their transfer. To switch tax types:

  1. Select the Client menu from the top of your screen.
  2. Select Tax Type.
  3. Select the appropriate tax type.
  1. Select Client from the top menu, then select the appropriate Tax Type.
    • The converted files will download into C:\CONV for you to restore into the 2022 program.
  2. Open Lacerte 2022.
  3. Select Settings from the top menu, then select Options.
  4. On the Setup tab, make a note of your current data path.
  5. Change the data path to the correct subfolder of C:\CONV. For example, to restore individual clients, you'd use C:\CONV\IDATA.
  6. You might see the clients, or a dialog indicating they are bridging. Wait for the clients to appear before proceeding.
  7. Select all clients by pressing F3 and choosing All.
  8. Choose Client from the menu bar.
  9. Select Backup.
  10. In the Backup Clients window, enter your database path into the Destination box, or select Browse and go to that path.
  11. Select OK.
    • If there are any conflicting client numbers, you'll be prompted to replace them. You can choose not to, and then renumber those clients before backing them up again.
  12. After the backup is complete, select Settings from the menu bar.
  13. Select Options and change your data path back to what it originally was (it will appear as an option in the dropdown).

You can now create organizers for your clients and then proforma them to Lacerte 2023 to begin working on their returns. We don't recommend making any significant changes in their 2022 returns, as this may produce unexpected results in Lacerte 2023.

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