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Form help - Alabama

by Intuit Updated 5 months ago

This article is for state-specific form help. Use the table of contents to jump to the tax module you're working on, and then find the relevant form and line within that section.

Table of contents:


Form 40NR

Line 32

Applying overpayment to next years estimated payments can be done on Screen 7.1. Enter 6 in Apply Overpayment to 20XX, and 1 in Estimate Options[O]. Multi-state returns need a separate entry in these fields for each state

AL 40(NR)

Pg. 2, Part IV, line 4

If Line 1 of the AL40NR Federal Income Tax Deduction Worksheet does not equal Line 22 of Form 1040, overrides entered in Screen 51.401 can cause the Alabama number to decouple from the Federal total. To avoid a state e-file error (AL40NR-795), remove the state overrides and retransmit the return. Additionally, different overrides in the K-1 input screen can also cause the state amount to be a variance.


Form 65

Pg. 3, Schedule C, Line 1

If a Partnership return is multi-state but the AL Schedule C Apportionment Factor Schedule is not generating, go to Screen 37.401 Alabama Miscellaneous section, and under Filing Status (Ctrl+T) [O], select Multistate - apportionment.

Pg. 4, Schedule K, Line 2b

The Apportionment Factor percentage that appears here is calculated on Form 65 Page 3 Schedule C. The program default is to calculate apportionment automatically but if desired, the Gross Receipts factor can be overriden in Screen 44.401..

S Corporation

Schedule NRA

How to generate:

To generate this schedule, mark the checkbox in Screen 46.401. Per the Alabama Department of Revenue, Schedule NRA must be completed by each nonresident shareholder of the entity. Once filed, Schedule NRA remains in effect until the shareholder notifies the entity in writing that the Schedule NRA has been revoked. A copy should be filed with the Alabama Form 20S return each year.

-Schedule NRA-



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