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Migrating data from a previous tax vendor with the Tax Data Conversion Wizard

by Intuit Updated 2 weeks ago

The Tax Data Conversion Wizard is a new application that’s designed to securely, quickly and easily upload and download client data files for data migration to Lacerte.

Data Conversion is now online in the 2023 tax products.

Before proceeding with the data conversion, you should:

  1. Install the most recent version of Lacerte.
  2. Back up the client data files from the software vendor you’re transferring from.
    • For backup instructions, go to the Data Conversion webpage and select your instructions under “Ready to submit your data?”
  3. Verify the backed up files are the expected type.
    • You can verify this by comparing your backup to the information in the backup instructions.

Follow these steps to submit client data for conversion:

  1. Open Lacerte.
  2. From the Import menu, select Client Data Conversion and choose Submit Client Data for Conversion.
  3. Sign in to your account.
  4. Click Next on the Intuit Tax Data Conversion Wizard screen.
  5. In the Select the software to convert from field, click the dropdown arrow and select the applicable software.
    • The Select the Intuit Software to convert to field will default to Lacerte.
    • The Select the Tax Year to convert from field will show the year of files that are currently being accepted.
  6. In the Select the Tax Year to convert to field, select which year of Lacerte you'd like the files returned in.
    • If you need to use the Organizer, select the same year as Select the Tax Year to convert to but note the data itself is the same.
  7. Enter the Please enter a unique beginning client number field.
  8. From the list of all the client files, uncheck the box for any files that you know you won’t need to convert.
  9. Click Submit.
    • The Confirmation screen will appear stating the estimated time for the completed conversion. 
    • An email will be sent to the email address that appears when the conversion is complete.
  10. Click Done to close the Tax Data Conversion Wizard screen.

If you need more assistance with the data conversion process, check out this video or the Lacerte data conversion quick reference guide.

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