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Tax Import fails or doesn't import tax data in Lacerte and ProSeries

by Intuit Updated 8 months ago

You've scanned and uploaded forms using the Tax Import or Institution Download feature in Lacerte or ProSeries and the program says it successfully transmitted, processed, and returned the data, but nothing is imported into your tax return.

How to resolve importing issues in Lacerte and ProSeries

Solution no. 1:

  1. Run the Lacerte Client Database Repair Utility (CLPACK).
  2. Browse to the IData folder (you can locate the location of this by hitting F10 and looking at the data path).
  3. Go into the TaxImport Folder.
  4. Rename the Downloads folder (or, go into the Downloads folder and rename the specific client with the error).
  5. Resend the Tax Import document.

Solution no. 2:

  1. Close the Lacerte program.
  2. Run the Lacerte Client Database Repair Utility (CLPACK).
  3. Close the Repair Utility and open the tax program.
  4. Select the link Ready to Import and import data into the tax return.

If the data already failed to import, you must resubmit the forms again.

First, verify the licensed ZIP code:

  1. Open ProSeries.
  2. Select the Tool Menu, then Options.
  3. Select the Customer Information button.
  4. Change the ZIP code shown to the correct code for your ProSeries account.
  5. License ProSeries again using the new ZIP code, even if you previously licensed it.
  6. Open any returns with a pending tax import and try importing again.

If you recently changed or updated your account address, you may need to use the previous ZIP code. Users who changed their address on their account but have the old ZIP code in their program are impacted the most. Updating the ZIP code with the steps above tends to correct this behavior.

Then delete and re-import your tax import data:

  1. Open the client.
  2. Go to ImportDelete Tax Import Data, then Delete Scanned Document Data.
  3. Make sure to confirm the deletion.
  4. Go to Import, then Re-Import Deleted Scanned Document Data.
  5. Go through the pre-import review screen and make sure the items are selected for import.

Additional information

If you're using the Document Management System (DMS), a corrupt DMS database could be causing the issue. To resolve:

  1. Close DMS on all workstations.
  2. Run the DMS Database Repair Utility (dbrepair).
  3. Import any pending submissions in the tax program.

If the data failed to import, you must resubmit the forms again.

Tax Scan and Import document status is reporting the following message:

"Failed Job, Please Submit Again"

If your scanned document job reports "Failed Job, Please Submit Again," a few known causes for a failure include:

  • The submitted scanned document PDF file may have been password protected, preventing the file from being opened during processing.
  • The submitted PDF contained full pages of IRS or tax instructions that could cause processing issues.
  • The submitted PDF was created in a format that allows entries or edits to the file (an enterable PDF file).
  • If the submitted PDF was created by scanning into DMS, the file name shouldn't contain any invalid characters such as slashes or asterisks.
  • At times, the transmitted file may be damaged during the transmission, preventing the file from being opened by the Tax Import processing.

When you receive a Failed Job status, you can always resubmit your source document files for processing. Before resubmitting, review your file to make sure that the items above don't apply. If no other errors are noted, make sure that the file can open, and then resubmit. If the second submission isn't successful, enter the income document manually.

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