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Schedule K-1 Business to Business Transfers Import/Export

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

This article will help you understand how to export and import K-1 information between business returns.

Partnership Exports to:Fiduciary Exports to:S Corporation Exports to:
S Corporation
S Corporation
California is the only state data that will export & import for the business to business transfer

See Schedule K-1 Export / Import for the basic functionality in Lacerte.

Important Information Requirements/Limitations:

  • The return must be a Calendar Year: Lacerte doesn't export or import K-1's from a fiscal year return.
  • Grantor Trust: Lacerte doesn't export a grantor trust to the Individual (1040) module since a grantor trust doesn't produce a Schedule K-1.
  • Partner / Shareholder / Beneficiary Name: Make sure that the name on the K-1 matches that listed on Screen 1 in the recipient's (importer's) return.
  • Recipient's EIN - Make sure the EIN listed on the K-1 in the issuer's (exporter's) return matches the EIN entered in Screen 1 in the recipient's (importer's) tax return.
  • Make sure the K-1 Data path setup in the options by going to Settings -> Options -> Setup -> K-1 Data Path. This should be the same within all modules.
  • In general, state K-1 information won't transfer in the K-1 export to 1040. Amounts from state Schedule K-1's or pass-through summaries must be entered in the applicable screen by the user. Note: for the Partnership module, certain line items will transfer the sourcing for California.

How to export entries for each of the supported business modules


  1. Go to Screen 7, Partner Information.
  2. In the section, Miscellaneous Info, select the Type of Entity
    • Note: Type of Entity established in this section should be the same as the module the K-1 is being exported to.
  3. Go to Screen 32, Partner Miscellaneous Info
  4. In the section, Partner Schedule K-1 Miscellaneous Information, check the box Export partner K-1 data to mark each partner K-1 desired for export.
    •  Note: You can override where the program will transfer the data to in Partners tax type: 1=1040, 2=1065, 3=1120, 4=1120s, 5=1041 [O].


  1. Go to Screen 36, Schedule K-1 Miscellaneous Info.
  2. In the section, Schedule K-1 Miscellaneous, Check the box Export shareholder K-1 data to mark each shareholder K-1 desired for export.
    • If the shareholder is an Estate or Trust andyou want to transfer the shareholder's Schedule K-1 information to the Fiduciary program, check the box Estate or Trust.


  1. Go to Screen 43, Schedule K-1 Overrides / Miscellaneous.
  2. In the section, K-1 Overrides/Miscellaneous, check the box; Export beneficiary K-1 data (default is 1040), to mark each beneficiary K-1 desired for export.
  3. Select appropriate tax type in Business beneficiary tax type(Ctrl+T) to indicate the beneficiary is a business beneficiary.
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