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Making elections under regulation 1.263(a)-1(f), 1.263(a)-3(n), or 1.263(a)-3(h) (Form 3115) in ProConnect

by ProConnect Tax Online Updated 7 months ago

This article will assist you with making the following elections for Form 3115 in Lacerte:

  • 1.263(a)-1(f) - De Minimis Safe Harbor Election
  • 1.263(a)-3(h) - Safe Harbor Election for Small Taxpayers
  • 1.263(a)-3(n) - Election to Capitalize Repair and Maintenance Cost

Follow these steps enter the applicable elections:

  1. Go to the Elections screen for your tax type:
    • Individual: Input Return Other Elections Misc. Elections in the top right
    • Partnership: Input Return Other Elections
    • Corporate: Input Return Other Elections
    • S Corporate: Input Return Other Elections
    • Fiduciary: Input Return Other Elections
  2. Select Misc. Elections from the left navigation panel.
  3. Locate the Miscellaneous Elections section.
  4. Check the box labeled De minimis safe harbor [1.263(a)-1(f)], if applicable.
  5. Check the box labeled Capitalize repair and maintenance costs [1.263(a)-3(n)] (to make the capitalize repair and maintenance costs election, if applicable.
  6. Scroll down to the Election for Safe Harbor for Small Taxpayers section.
  7. Check the box labeled Safe harbor for small taxpayers [1.263(a)-3(h)], if applicable.
  8. Enter the description of property.
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