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How to resolve ProConnect Tax diagnostic ref. 16041

by ProConnect Tax Online Updated 7 months ago

The diagnostic states: 

"e-file: Form 5227 and Form 1041-A returns aren't supported for electronic filing by the IRS. These returns must be filed on paper." (ref. #16041)

How to suppress Form 1041-A

  1. From the Input Return tab, go to Char. Returns  Form 1041-A.
  2. Enter a 2 in Form 1041-A: 1=print, 2=suppress [Override].

Trusts required to also file Form 1041-A

Form 1041-A must be filed for a trust that claims a charitable or other deduction under section 642(c) unless an exception applies.

  • For example, if a Complex Trust receives a passthrough Schedule K-1 that contains charitable contributions, ProConnect Tax instructs you via a diagnostic to enter the charitable contribution information in Charitable Payee. However, entering an amount triggers diagnostic Ref #16041.

Trusts that aren't required to also file Form 1041-A

  • Trusts required to distribute currently to the beneficiaries all the income for the year determined under section 643(b) and related regulations.
  • Split-interest trusts or nonexempt charitable trusts.

For more information, see page 27 of the Form 1041 Instructions Booklet.

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