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Entering other credits for an Individual return in ProConnect

by ProConnect Tax Online Updated 1 year ago

This article explains where to enter other credits for an Individual return.

  1. Go to the Credits section and then go to the screen Recovery Rebate, EIC, Residential Energy, Oth Credits.
  2. Select Less Common Scenarios from the menu in the top right corner.
  3. Enter the desired amounts in the applicable input fields:
    • Amount paid with extension [Override].
    • Excess social security & RRTA tax withheld [Override].
    • Foreign tax credit (1116) [Override].
    • Qualified electric vehicle credit (8834) [Override]: This entry overrides the Qualified Electric Vehicle Credit on Form 8834. If overridden, manually prepare and attach Form 8834.
    • DC first-time homebuyer credit carryover (8859)- Enter the amount of carryforward of the DC first-time homebuyer credit. This entry carries to Form 8859 and triggers the program to produce Form 8859. A DC first-time homebuyer credit not allowed due to tax liability limits, can be carried forward until used. Any unused credit can't be carried back to prior years.
    • Alternative motor vehicle credit (8910) [Override] - This entry overrides the personal credit calculation in the Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit section of Form 8910 and carries to Form 1040, page 2. If overridden, manually prepare and attach Form 8910.
    • Credit for repayments (IRC 1341).
    • Credit under section 960(c) with respect to an excess limitation account.
    • Allocation of tax to Virgin Islands (8689) - Enter the amount from a manually prepared Form 8689.  The program includes this amount in the Payments section of Form 1040, line 72 and prints "Form 8689" beside the line.
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