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List of EasyACCT Data Files

by Intuit Updated 7 months ago

The table below is a listing of all possible company data files.

  • A company's files will end with the same 3-digit file extension, which corresponds to the Company ID.  For example, all files for a company with the ID AAA will end in .AAA (For example,,, and so on).
  • A company's files will vary based on what modules you use for that company. For example, if you don't use the Accounts Receivable module, most (or all) of the A/R files won't be present for that company.

Abbreviations key in the Table: 

AMT = Amortization
AR = Accounts Receivables
AP = Accounts Payables
BR = Bank Reconciliation
DPR = Depreciation
EFT = Electronic Funds Transfer
PR = Payroll
WU = Write Up

List of Data Files

File NamePurposeModule
A41xxxxxUser Report SelectionsAR
A4BxxxxxUser Report SelectionsBR
A4ExxxxxUser Report SelectionsEFT
A4GxxxxxUser Report SelectionsWU
A4PxxxxxUser Report SelectionsPR
ADRDATDepreciation assetsDPR
ADRDATXIndex to assetsDPR
AmxxxxxxAmortization scheduleAMT
AORDERCustomer information for automatic transactionsAR
AORDERXIndex to customer information for automatic transactionsAR
AORDITMIndividual line items for automatic transactionsAR
AORDITMXIndex to automatic transactionsAR
APCHKSCheck transactionsAP
APCHKSXIndex to check transactionsAP
APDISTAccount distribution for invoicesAP
APDISTXIndex for account distributionAP
APJE##Distribution of payables activity to the general ledgerAP, WU
APPOPSProduct purchase summaryAP
APPOPSXIndex to product purchase summaryAP
APTRANInvoice transactionsAP
APTRANXIndex to invoice transactionsAP
ARDISTTransaction typesAR
ARDISTXIndex to transaction typesAR
ARJE##Distribution of AR activity to general ledgerAR, WU
ARPSRSProduct sales and returns summaryAR
ARPSRSXIndex to sales and returns summaryAR
AUTOINVAutomatic transactionsAP
AUTOINVXIndex to automatic transactionsAP
AUTOTR##Automatic entries posted by the general ledgerWU
B1AXXXXXUser Report SelectionsAP
CASH##Sales journal entriesWU
CASHTR##Sales journal entries posted by the general ledgerWU
CASHX##Index to the sales journal entriesWU
CBAxxxxxCurrent bank transactionsBR
CBILLCompany billing informationWU
CBOxxxxxCurrent book transactionsBR
CCComputed checks (through Batch Payroll module)PR
CCXIndex to computed checksPR
COMPANYGeneral company informationALL
COMPANY2Additional company informationALL
CUSTCustomer informationAR
CUSTNOTECustomer notesAR
CUSTNOTXIndex to customer notesAR
CUSTSHPCustomer shipping addressAR
CUSTCHPXIndex to customer shipping addressAR
CUSTXIndex to customer informationAR
CSHJESales journal entry descriptionsWU
CWBILLCompany billing informationWU
DEFAULTSHolds default methods and lives for assets set up in the Depreciation optionDPR
DRECXIndex to deleted recordsALL
EMPLEmployee payroll informationWU, PR
EMPLXIndex to employee primary filesWU, PR
EZBANKXIndex to bank fileBR, EFT, PR, WU
FORMATThe financial report layoutWU
FORMATAFinancial Report TemplatesWU
FORMATAXIndex to the Financial Statement TemplatesWU
FORMATDCustom Financial StatementsWU
FORMATDXIndex to the Custom Financial StatementsWU
GENLEDChart of accounts and the account balancesALL
GENLEDXIndex to the general ledgerALL
GLGRAPHData entered for graphic presentationsWU
GLTRAN##Transaction data file containing all the month's regular transactions. (The number of month is shown immediately after the name GLTRAN.)WU
GROUPAsset group namesDPR
LAYOUTThe automatic layout designWU
LAYOUTAFinancial Statement TemplatesWU
LAYOUTDCustom Financial StatementsWU
LexxxxxxEmployee lettersWU, PR
LFxxxxxxFinancial lettersWU
LVxxxxxxVendor lettersWU
LOCATIONAsset location descriptionsDPR
LTDATLocal tax IDs, descriptions, and codesPR, WU
ORDERCustomer information for TransactionsAR
ORDITMIndividual line items for AR transactionsAR
OTDATOther tax IDs, descriptions, and codesPR, WU
PBAxxxxxPrior bank transactionsBR
PBILLCompany billing informationPR
PBOxxxxxPrior book transactionsBR
POTERMSPurchasing Terms CodesWU
PRDCOSTProducts and Services PricesAR
PRJE##Payroll journal entry, the number of month is shown immediately after the name PRJEPR, WU
PRMMDD##File imported from Batch Payroll that contains direct deposit advicesEFT
PRODCODEProduct and Services CodesAR
PRTRAN##Payroll transaction data file containing all of the month's payroll entries. (The number of months is shown immediately after the name PRTRAN.)PR, WU
PRTRAX##Index to the monthly payroll filePR, WU
RECJERecurring journal entriesWU
R#xxxxxxReport selection filesWU
STDATState tax IdsPR, WU
SUTASUTA rate informationPR, WU
TAXDATAUsed for printing of tax forms (Depreciation only)DPR
TAXFEDWHFICA and Federal Withholding tax deposit dataPR
TAXFUTAFederal Unemployment tax deposit dataPR
TAXLISTUsed for printing of tax forms and transfers to tax programs (Depreciation only)DPR
TAXSUTAState Unemployment tax deposit dataPR
TAXxxxOTHOther State Withholding tax deposit dataPR
TAXxxxLTLocal Withholding tax deposit dataPR
TAXxxSTState Withholding tax deposit dataPR
TRTransaction data file (through Batch Payroll module)PR
TSxxxxxxImport/export file nameALL
VENDORVendor informationWU
VENDORXIndex to vendor filesWU
WCOMPWorkman's compensation informationPR
WCOMPXIndex to workman's compensation informationPR
Lacerte Tax

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