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Common questions about direct deposit in ProSeries

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

This article will help you set up direct deposit of your client’s tax refund and answer frequently asked questions about direct deposit.

If you’re using Pay-by-Refund, refer to one of the applicable articles below:

Where do I enter federal direct deposit information for an individual return?

  1. Open the Federal Information Worksheet.
  2. Click the QuickZoom button or scroll down to Part VIII - Refund Options.
  3. Under the Direct Deposit heading, check the Yes box.
  4. Check the box for a Checking or Savings account.
  5. Enter the Routing number and Account number.

If your client wants to split their refund between multiple accounts, first follow the steps above for entering direct deposit information. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Click the QuickZoom button to open Form 8888.
  2. Enter the amount or percentage of the refund you want deposited into the account on line 1. 
    • This account’s info flows from the Federal Information Worksheet.
  3. Complete the second bank account’s information on lines 2b-d
  4. Enter the amount or percentage of the refund your client wants deposited into this account.
  5. Enter a third account on lines 3b-d, if desired. 

Note: Your client’s routing and account numbers won’t print on Form 1040 when using Form 8888 to split the refund. Instead, “XXXX” will print on the main form.

How do I set up the state refund for direct deposit?

Most states also offer direct deposit of tax refunds. To mark a state return for direct deposit:

  1. Open the state return by pressing the State button on the left side of ProSeries Basic, or the ST toolbar at the top of ProSeries Professional.
  2. Open the state’s Information Worksheet.
  3. Each state’s information worksheet is a bit different. Look for a section referencing Direct Deposit.
  4. Check the Yes box to use direct deposit for the state tax refund.
  5. Enter or verify the bank information listed here.
    • If you entered banking information on the Federal Info Worksheet, it will show here automatically. You can change it if your client wants their federal and state refunds sent to different accounts.

Why isn’t my client’s bank info printing on Form 1040?

The routing and account numbers on Form 1040 will be blank if:

  • The return has an amount due, rather than a refund.
  • The boxes for direct deposit and electronic funds withdrawal are both checked on the Federal Information Worksheet. Only check the box for the method that applies to this return.
  • The return is using Pay-By-Refund, Refund Advance, or Quick Collect. 

The routing and account numbers on Form 1040 will print as “XXXX” if:

  • The return has a refund, but the box for direct deposit isn’t checked on the Federal Information Worksheet.
  • The return has a refund that is going to be split into multiple accounts and/or savings bonds on Form 8888.

Can I mask the bank account information when printing?

You can mask the banking information on screen and when printing the Preparer and Client copy. See here for more information.

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