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Printing General Ledger or Cumulative General Ledger reports

by Intuit Updated 8 months ago

How do you print the General Ledger or Cumulative General Ledger (Year-to-Date General Ledger) reports in EasyACCT?

How to print the General Ledger (monthly activity)

  1. Go to Print Reports, Transaction Reports, and select General Ledger.
  2. Enter a month and year. (This will default to the last month accessed in the Enter Transactions screen.)
  3. Leave the account range fields blank to print the entire General Ledger.
    • If you want to print for an account range, enter beginning and ending account numbers.
    • Entering an account range will almost always result in an out-of-balance error because the debits often won't match the credit transactions for the specified range. 
    • This report isn't date sensitive. 
    • This means any transaction entered within a particular month (even if the transaction date is for another month) will be included on the report. 
  4. Select Print, Begin Printing.
  5. Preview on the screen or select Print to Printer.

How to print the Cumulative General Ledger (year-to-date activity)

  1. Go to Print Reports, Transaction Reports, and select Cumulative General Ledger.
  2. Enter a From and To date.
    • The dates need to be in the same fiscal or calendar year and can span multiple months.
    • This report is date sensitive.
  3. Select Print, Begin Printing.
  4. Preview on the screen or select Print to Printer.

This problem occurs because the General Ledger prints all transactions in the Enter Transactions screen for a particular month, while the Cumulative General Ledger is date sensitive. This is usually the result of transactions that are dated incorrectly, which aren't included on the Cumulative General Ledger but are included on the General Ledger.

Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Go to Write-Up, Print Reports, and then Transaction Reports and check the Cumulative General Ledger and the General Ledger for printing.
  2. Print the Cumulative General Ledger for one month, starting with the last month processed. 
    • For example, if April 2019 was the last month processed, the From Date is 040119 and the To Date is 043019.
  3. Print the General Ledger for the same month and year as the Cumulative G/L (for example, 04/19).
  4. Compare the Current Profit reported at the bottom of both reports.
  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each month in the current and prior year, noting which months don't match.
  6. Go to Write-Up and then Enter Transactions.
  7. Use a Now Entering date for the first sequential month that didn't match.
  8. Review the transactions for incorrectly dated entries.
  9. Review the Sales Journal, Special Journals (PR, AR and AP) and Payroll Checks all accessible from the Enter Transactions screen.
  10. Correct any incorrectly dated transactions.
  11. If the automatic posting feature is disabled, go to Print Reports and select the General Ledger, Payroll Journal, and Cumulative General Ledger for the applicable month.
  12. Verify the Current Profit matches.
  13. Repeat steps 6 through 11 for each month whose General Ledger and Cumulative General Ledger didn't match.

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