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Where to enter prior-year state and local taxes paid in ProSeries

by Intuit Updated 2 months ago

This article will assist you with:

  • Entering prior-year state and local tax information in ProSeries, and
  • Understanding the State and Local Tax Information table on the Federal Carryover Worksheet.

Prior-year state tax information should be entered on the Federal Carryover Worksheet in the State and Local Tax Information section.

Follow these steps to open the Federal Carryover Worksheet:

  1. From the Forms menu, choose Select Form.
    • If you're using ProSeries Basic, from the Forms menu, select Find Form.
  2. In the Open Forms window, type in "CO" in the Find: field.
    • This will highlight Carryover Wks.
  3. Click OK to open the Federal Carryover Worksheet.
  4. Enter any necessary information in columns (a) through (g).
  1. Click on the Forms Menu/Select Form (Forms Menu/Find Form in ProSeries Basic).
  2. With the Forms List Open, type the letters "CO" on your keyboard.
  3. Carryover Wks will be highlighted in the list of forms.
  4. Click "OK" to open the Federal Carryover Worksheet.
  5. Enter any necessary information in columns a-g.

The totals of columns (b), (c), (e), and (g) of this table will flow to the Tax Payments Worksheet. Then, it'll be deducted on Schedule A, line 5, if applicable. The amounts in column (f) will flow to the Form 1099-G Worksheet and then to the State Tax Refund Worksheet to determine how much of the overpayment(s) is taxable.

  • If you use the Transfer feature, all state and some local tax information for this table will automatically transfer from the prior-year return only if each state return was prepared in conjunction with the prior year federal return.
  • All pertinent information for a state or a locality will appear on a single line, with the corresponding state or local ID in the first column.
  • Local estimated taxes paid after 12/31 after the prior year and local extension payments transfer from the federal Tax Payments Worksheet.
  • Local amounts will have "XXX" in the ID column if the local ID code wasn't entered on the prior-year federal Tax Payments Worksheet.
  • Always review the transferred data for accuracy and completeness and adjust if necessary.
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