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Current Year Estimated Tax FAQs in Lacerte

by Intuit Updated 11 months ago
  1. Open Screen 6, [Current Year] Estimated Tax Payments.
  2. In Amount Paid for the respective quarter, Press CTRL+E.
  3. In the Description column, enter a description of the payment. This description does not transfer to the interactive input field. The description is for your use as a memo, or you can print it with the return as a Code Note by setting the Print As option to Statement or Diagnostic.
  4. In the Amount column, enter the amount paid.
  5. In the ST column, enter the postal abbreviation of the state to which the item relates. Note: The program fills in the ST column of the first empty row with the state displayed in the State Inventory box. To select a different state, click the down arrow adjacent to the ST column and select the state. Enter US if the item pertains to a return not being processed or to a state with no income tax.
  6. Leave the SRC column blank.
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for the remaining state estimated tax payments, and then click OK.
  8. Additional amounts beyond the normal 4 quarterly payments can be entered in Amount Paid using the steps above
  1. Open Screen 6, [Current Year] Estimated Tax Payments.
  2. Enter the amount paid with the extension request in Paid with Extension: Amount Paid.
  3. Enter the date the amount was paid in Paid with Extension: Date.

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