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Troubleshooting diagnostic ref. 20063 for ProConnect - IRS requires withholding amount must be less than sum

by Intuit Updated 3 months ago

The following e-file critical diagnostic is generating for an individual return in ProConnect Tax:

"For electronic filing, the IRS requires the withholding amount on Form 1040, line 64 must be less than the sum of line 7, 8a, line 9a, the greater of lines 15a or 15b, the greater of lines 16a or 16b, line 19, line 20a, line 21 and the Total Gross Receipts from Schedule C unless combat pay has been excluded from the return or line 13 or line 17 has a value greater than zero." (ref. #20063)

How do I resolve this diagnostic?

Solution 1: Make sure the return is accurate.

Review the return to make sure that the information is correct. If the withholding actually is more than the total income, we suggest paper filing the return to prevent an e-file reject.

Solution 2: Ignore the diagnostic and attempt e-filing.

If you believe you're getting this e-file diagnostic in error, you may ignore the diagnostic and attempt to e-file anyway. However, if the return is rejected, you'll need to paper file. Some clients that have been e-filed with this diagnostic and accepted by the IRS have reported delays in receiving their refunds.

In ProConnect Tax, certain critical diagnostics must be cleared before you can e-file the return. If you believe a critical diagnostic does not apply to your return, and wish to e-file with the diagnostic present, you can check the Ignore box to disregard it. However, this may result in an e-file rejection.

Why does this diagnostic exist?

This diagnostic is to prevent e-file reject F1040-071-03.

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