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Common questions about Diagnostics and Suggestions in ProConnect Tax

SOLVEDby Intuit8Updated August 09, 2023

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Critical Diagnostics list items that may interfere with filing a correct return. Typically, these warnings are for entries that you must complete or correct before filing a tax return. However, some critical diagnostics are informational diagnostics that developers have made critical so you will pay attention to them. These diagnostics will not stop the e-filing of a return and in some cases will not go away. If the diagnostic does not apply to you, check the "Ignore" box to mark it as complete.
Suggestions will generate to inform you of basic information regarding a specific return: potential issues, court cases, publication information, etc. Typically Suggestions are optional; however, it is up to you to read them and determine if the information we are providing needs to be completed.
A Suggestion will also generate for any entry made in an [Override] field. This does not mean that the override must be removed; it's just provided as a tool to help you track down any overrides of the program's automatic calculation.
To determine if a Critical Diagnostic will stop your from e-filing, simply navigate to the File Return tab. If a green check mark is present for the filing, then the return can be e-filed. If you see a red X icon, then the Critical Diagnostic must be cleared before e-filing.
Not all diagnostics will apply to your client's return, some are more informational than actionable (even if they are listed as Critical). Review the diagnostic and verify if the information provided is actionable to your clients return. If so, correct the return as needed. If not, check the "Ignore" box to mark it as complete.
The reference number is a way for support to quickly identify diagnostics that are generating in our database. It appears at the very end of the diagnostic message.
There are many help articles that address specific diagnostics in the program. The best way to search for these is to use the numeric digits from the diagnostic reference number. For example, to find information on Reference #1253, enter '1253' in search.
Articles aren't available for every diagnostic. Most diagnostics don't require additional information.
In ProConnect Tax, certain critical diagnostics must be cleared before you can e-file the return. If you believe a critical diagnostic does not apply to your return, and wish to e-file with the diagnostic present, you can check the Ignore box to disregard it. However, this may result in an e-file rejection.

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