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Data Conversion quick reference guide for Lacerte and ProSeries

SOLVEDby Intuit18Updated January 02, 2024

This article will help you with common questions about data conversion to Lacerte or ProSeries

Data Conversion is now online in the 2023 tax products.

What will convert:

Additional items that won't convert:

StatesNo state module will be converted
990Tax-Exempt Organizations
5500Benefit Plan

Common questions and answers:

Who is eligible for conversion?

Data Conversions is available to current year customers only. A current year customer is defined as:

  • Any existing customer with a license for the current tax year and has renewed for the upcoming tax year
  • Any new customer with a license for the upcoming tax year or a future dated hold (due to deferred payment plan)

How long does it take to convert client files?

For most programs, tax returns are converted within an hour, depending on the number of client files uploaded.  ProSystem FX and CrossLink tax files can take between 1 - 3 business days to process.

What gets converted during the conversion process?

We convert pertinent data to next year's tax return.  Tax Data Conversion isn't a 1:1 transfer of data to reproduce the same tax return for the same year.  Refer to the converted items list for the vendor you are converting from for additional details. The converted items information can be found on the Lacerte or ProSeries Data Conversion website.

Why are the converted client files not identical to the original files submitted?

The converted files are designed to use the Year-to-Year Transfer/Proforma to transfer critical information to the next year tax program. The converted files provide a starting point intended to be transferred to the next year's tax program, and the data in the converted file shouldn't be changed in the prior year's tax program.  The conversion process isn't designed to produce a complete or accurate prior year tax return for side-by-side comparison.

Why were some files not converted?

First, make sure we convert the type of return in question. Usually, the files were bad or damaged, improperly backed up, missing critical data, or password protected. The affected files can be corrected and resubmitted.

How to submit client files for conversion?

Information and a video demonstration is available for both tax programs in the articles below.

What years are supported for conversion?

Files can be converted for the current year and prior year only (for Lacerte Proforma). For the conversion season of tax year 2023, client returns for data conversion are accepted from a prior vendor's 2022 tax software to transfer into 2023 ProSeries and Lacerte and into Lacerte 2022 to prepare Proforma tax returns.

How are my converted files sent back?

Uploaded files are available for download using the Tax Data Conversion Wizard.  For most vendors, tax files can be converted within the same session used to upload the tax files for conversion. 

Is there a limit on what can be uploaded?

No, there is no limit on how many files can be uploaded.  Occasionally, creating smaller batches may be helpful if submitting large numbers of client files is experiencing difficulty uploading.

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