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Sending K-1 packages in ProConnect Tax

by ProConnect Tax Online Updated 2 months ago

This article will help you:

  • Access the feature that allows you to send password-protected K-1 Packages
  • Edit partner emails
  • Learn the formatting for passwords

Steps to send K-1 Packages:

  1. Go to the PCG--UI_PTO_navbar-tax-tax-returns.png section in your ProConnect Taxhub.
  2. Find the client for whom you want to send K-1 packages.
  3. On the actions column, select the dropdown arrow next to View Return, and then select Send K-1 Packages.
  4. If this is your first time sending K-1 packages, you can review the instructions and select Get Started when you're ready. If this isn't your first time, disregard this step.
  5. Now, you should see a list of all the potential recipients. Review the email addresses and make any necessary changes to the existing ones or add new ones.
    • Any changes you make to a user's email addresses will only apply for this session. If you make a change, you'll need to make it next time as well.
  6. Select the checkbox next to all the names you want to send a schedule K-1 Package.
  7. If any selected email addresses need to be corrected, you'll see an orange icon with the identified error in the Status column. Make any corrections necessary, then click Continue.
  8. Review final details and select Preview Email to view what the recipients will see.
  9. The unique password to access the K-1 Package will be in the sent emails. Typically, they will follow this format:
    • Email:
      SSN or EIN: 123-45-6789
      Password for the file: johndoe6789
  10. Select Send packages to complete the process.


If a recipient isn't able to open their K-1, make sure they're using the exact email the K-1 was sent to, including any capital letters. To ensure your case sensitive password is correct, view the email address listed that received this notice.

After you've sent the K-1 packages, you will return to the main page.

From the main page you can:

  1. View the most recent date K-1's were sent out.
  2. Keep track of whether the K-1s have been opened.
  3. Edit partner email address and resend the K-1s.
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