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How to access and manage your personal data from Your Account Manager

by Intuit Updated 4 weeks ago

Your Intuit Account now allows you to manage your data safely and easily. You can access it here or from within your ProConnect offerings and services.

For other products, select from the links below:

You may access your data from the OIA Manager. Proceed to the next section for the steps on how to do so for your respective ProConnect offering.

If you are the Primary Admin and want to make a request to delete your data, make sure you transfer the role to another Admin on the account beforehand.

How to determine Primary Admin and transfer those rights

For ProSeries and Lacerte:

The following steps need to be completed by the current Primary Admin:

  1. Click here to sign in to the MyAccount Manage Users page.
  2. Review the list of users for the one user with Software Access showing Admin (Primary). Only this user will have the ability to transfer the primary admin rights to another user.
  3. On the list find the user that will be changed to Primary Admin.
  4. Select the three dots.
  5. Select Change Primary Admin.
  6. Select the Submit Transfer button.
    • The admin selected will receive an email requesting that they accept or deny the request.
  7. Upon acceptance, you will receive an email indicating the successful transfer of your primary admin rights.

ProConnect Tax:

  1. Login to ProConnect Tax.
  2. Click on QB Accountant on the left hand side.
    1. What if I do not use QuickBooks Online Accountant? Regardless of whether or not you currently use QuickBooks Online Accountant, each ProConnect Tax account comes paired with QuickBooks Online Accountant.
  3. Click on the gear icon.
  4. Select Your Team.
  5. Find your name as the primary admin.
  6. Click on Firm Administration and Books tab.
  7. Click on the Transfer Primary Admin button.
  8. Using the drop-down menu, choose a current user to transfer your primary admin rights to.
  9. Click Send invitation to send a request email to the selected user.
  10. Upon acceptance, you'll receive an email indicating the successful transfer of your primary admin rights.
Here we have the list of potential file names, as well as a description of what each would entail. The files listed may not have data related to you and therefore will not be present for review. If this doesn’t seem right, please double-check you entered your info correctly and request your data again.
  • preparerinfo.txt - contains personal information of tax preparer.
  • analytics_grp1.json - contains first grouping of data, each set containing a small description for what the data pertains to.
  • analytics_grp2.json - contains second grouping of data, each set containing a small description for what the data pertains to.
  • firms.txt – contains firm information.
    • Examples: Firm name, contact and ERO information
  • preparer.txt – contains tax preparer and user information.
    • Examples: Preparer name, contact and ERO information
  • events.txt – contains user behavioral information captured during creation of a tax return.
    • Examples: Browser details, IP details, access timestamps, etc.
  • linkFirms.txt – contains firm logo and email information shared with taxpayers through Intuit Link.
Once you have downloaded your personal data safely and securely from the One Intuit Account (OIA) Manager, use the instructions below as needed to open the files and view them in a way that’s most helpful to you.
Lacerte TaxProConnect TaxProSeries BasicProSeries Professional

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