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State stimulus relief

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Some states have passed COVID-19 relief bills that include stimulus payments. 

Here is a list of states that have passed a state stimulus payment. We will updates this list as we get new information. Be sure to pass this information along to your clients.


California has signed the Golden State Stimulus Bill into law, which includes $600-$1,200 cash payments to eligible residents.

Eligibility is based on 2020 tax returns. California residents need to file their 2020 California state tax return by Oct. 15, 2021, in order to receive their California stimulus check.

California residents should be eligible for the Golden State Stimulus if:

  • They received the California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC) on their 2020 tax return.
  • They have an individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) and an adjusted gross income less than $75,000.
  • Their household is enrolled in the CalWORKS program, a recipient of SSI/SSP, or enrolled in the Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants.

Those who received the CalEITC and have an ITIN with an adjusted gross income of less than $75,000 will receive a $1,200 payment. The CalEITC is a credit for low to moderate income individuals and families. Californians that earn $30,000 or less annually may be eligible for the CalEITC.

The California Franchise Tax Board will determine eligibility based on 2020 tax returns.


Maryland passed the The Maryland Recovery for the Economy, Livelihoods, Industries, Entrepreneurs, and Families (RELIEF) Act in February that provides aid to Maryland residents through a number of measures, including an economic impact payment or stimulus payment for some people.

Under the Maryland RELIEF Act, eligible residents will receive an economic impact payment or stimulus payment of up to $300 for individuals and $500 for families. The bill has been passed and 98 percent of payments are expected to be processed by Feb. 19. For the latest information on the Maryland stimulus, click here.

To qualify for a stimulus payment, Maryland residents must have a valid Social Security number and received the Maryland Earned Income Credit (EIC) on their 2019 Maryland state tax return.

You do not need to do anything to get your stimulus payment. The Comptroller will automatically determine eligibility and send stimulus payment based on 2019 Maryland income tax returns.

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