Tax Hero
Tax Hero

#TaxHero Highlights the Difference Tax Pros Make in Taxpayers’ Lives

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You’ve heard it before: not all heroes wear capes. You are a real life Tax Hero to your clients, and this year, many of your peers are connecting with taxpayers in a new way, through TurboTax Live by answering taxpayers’ questions, giving advice, and ensuring they get every tax credit and deduction they deserve.

Our Tax Heroes don’t need to leave their homes or offices to fly to the rescue. TurboTax Live allows tax professionals to connect with taxpayers online, on their own schedule, to help augment their practices.

Here’s a peek at what customers have to say about their Tax Heroes:

Tax Hero

We’re so excited by the difference you make with taxpayers that we created a special sweepstakes for taxpayers to share their experiences. Follow along with #TaxHero to see how tax professionals can swoop in and save the day to make a difference in taxpayers’ lives!

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