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Tax professionals

Why You Should Recommend QuickBooks Self-Employed This Season

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Another Schedule C client walks into your office carrying a shoebox bulging with crumpled slips of paper. “I’m ready to file my taxes,” he says. If this sounds familiar, don’t settle for a repeat of last tax season. There’s a way to save yourself time and hassle during the busiest time of the year, while still being your clients’ deduction-finding hero. Now’s the time to recommend QuickBooks Self-Employed to your Schedule C clients.

How it works:

  1. Have your clients subscribe to QuickBooks Self-Employed and connect their bank to download transactions.
  2. With just a click or swipe on the web or mobile app, your clients can separate business transactions from personal ones — even if they use the same account for both — and then drop them in the right Schedule C categories.
  3. Receipt capture eliminates the shoebox conundrum, and because clients can attach the receipts to specific transactions, you’ll never wonder about the accuracy of an entry.
  4. Clients can use mileage tracking to rack up deductions for driving to work. The web syncs with our mobile app, which has all of the same great functionality.
  5. When it’s time to file, your clients can export clean, organized and accurate data already sorted by Schedule C category, enabling you to file their taxes quickly and save them the most money.

This isn’t some overburdened tax accountant’s fever dream. QuickBooks Self-Employed is so simple, even your clients’ cats could use it.

So, imagine a life free of shoeboxes and manual ledgers. You could spend those hours, days or weeks you’d be using to dig through piles of crumpled paper to take on more clients, expand your services, or just have more free time. Tell your clients to get QuickBooks Self-Employed today.

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