Key changes and insights on Form 1099-K

Key changes and insights on Form 1099-K

Get the latest information on Form 1099-K and the changes that apply to payment cards and third-party network transactions.
Gen Z wealth: Soft saving & holistic prosperity

Gen Z wealth: Soft saving & holistic prosperity

Discover how you help Gen Z meet their savings goals with insightful advice from Rory Henry, CFP®, BFA.

IRS announces tax year 2023 changes to the standard deduction, EITC, and more

Get an update of the latest IRS inflation adjustments for tax year 2023.
Product updates for tax year 2024

Tax product updates for tax year 2023

Unlock the latest tools and technology to ensure tax season success. Product updates include new features in ProConnect Tax, Lacerte Tax, ProSeries Tax, Intuit Tax Advisor, and more.
November 2023 tax and compliance deadlines

November 2023 tax and compliance deadlines

Catch up on tax and compliance deadlines for November 2023, and be sure to share this list with your clients.
IRS transcript feature in Intuit ProConnect Tax

IRS transcript feature in Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax

Quickly access years of client IRS transcripts from Intuit ProConnect Tax with IRS Transcript direct access.
Happy Accountant Vertical

I like it when my clients …

Disengage Clients Vertical

How to disengage clients right after tax season

Large Tax Bills Vertical

How to communicate large tax bills to your clients

Protection Plus Vertical

Protection Plus: Peace of mind for notice resolutions

Ignition’s new report helps you deal with awkward…

15 marketing tools to retain your clients

How to talk to your clients about retirement

Be a trusted advisor: Simple ways to start tracking you…




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