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Resources to Educate Your Clients on Taxes and Finances

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As you lean into advisory services, you may be looking for more ways to help educate your clients on their business and personal finances. The type of education you pass on to your clients will depend on the types of advisory services you offer – be it tax planning, cash flow advisory services, technology advisory services or perhaps security advisory services.

While we can’t cover the gamut in a single article, we will cover some helpful resources on taxes and general financial wellness. Consider sharing these resources or the content within them with your clients in a newsletter, on your website or even via occasional one-off emails to let them know you’re thinking of them beyond tax season.

Intuit® Mint Life Blog

Our friends at Intuit Mint offer a range of personal finance news and advice in their blog that may be helpful for your individual clients. Topics range from saving, budgeting and how to manage credit, to creating a financial plan and even negotiating your salary.


The IRS has many resources to help your clients stay educated about taxes. The IRS offers resource centers specifically for businesses as well as for individuals.

The QuickBooks® Resource Center

The QuickBooks Resource Center offers free tools, guides, articles and more for your small business clients who are looking to start, grow and/or manage their businesses. While there are occasional QuickBooks updates on this site, it goes far beyond the product to help give business owners the resources they need to succeed, with topics ranging from cash flow and budgeting to marketing and human resources.

The Small Business Administration

Of course, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has several resources to help small businesses. Check out the SBA blog, which claims to offer “perspectives, news, and practical information for small businesses,” as well as the SBA’s quarterly National Resource Guide, which offers information on topics like raising capital, contracting and training.

Small Business Publications

Stay tuned to the latest articles in small business publications for helpful resources to pass along to your clients. Some publications targeted at small businesses include Inc., Entrepreneur, Bloomberg BusinessWeek and SmallBizDaily.

Intuit® ProConnect™

Don’ forget about us! The ProConnect team also offers a number of materials to help you educate your clients . Check out these client resources on the Tax Pro Center, as well as the client-facing materials section of the Tax Reform Resource Center.

Do you have any great resources you share regularly with your individual or small business clients? Please leave a comment below and let us know!

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