Welcome To Intuit Link Support For Taxpayers

Intuit Link simplifies data gathering so you can focus on what matters most.

One Secure Location

Start sharing your tax data with your tax preparer within a single and secure portal.

Simplified Communication

Easily send forms and answers to questions to your tax preparer.

Real-Time Status Updates

Your dashboard shows how much progress you've made in completing your accountant's questionnaire.

Benefits to You

  • Receive reminders on when to send your tax preparer data to your accountant.
  • Have flexibility to collect and share your tax data with your tax preparer year-round from any device by uploading documents, snapping a picture, or by providing credentials from your financial institutions.
  • Feel secure knowing that your personal data is securely stored and transferred with bank-level security via 256 bit-encryption.

Benefits to Your Accountant

  • Gather all client tax data through one centralized online tool.
  • Create and share a customized client questionnaire and document request list based on prior year tax return.
  • Without leaving your workflow, exchange tax data with your client.
  • Gain visibility to what you have requested, what you've received and what is outstanding - enabling you to decide when to start the tax return.
  • Provides bank-level security via 256 bit-encryption.

Common Support Questions