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Time entered not syncing between QuickBooks Time and Intuit Practice Management

SOLVEDby IntuitUpdated August 04, 2023

Intuit Practice Management is now supported by Karbon. For support, see here or reach out to

Time not flowing to/from QuickBooks Time or to/from Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon, happens when:

  • The email address is not the same for Intuit Practice Management and QuickBooks Time.
  • The user is listed multiple times in the QuickBooks Time My Team list.
  • Time was entered in Intuit Practice Management before QuickBooks Time was connected.

To check the email used for Intuit Practice Management:

  1. Select Settings>Colleagues>Colleague's name to open the user.
  2. Note the Email for the user.
  3. Go back to Settings>Connected Apps>QuickBooks Time and select Download Synced Items XLSX to download the synced items.
  4. Open the mapping export spreadsheet for QuickBooks Time and select Users tab in the bottom left.
  5. Check the QuickBooks Time Email Address vs the Karbon Email Address column in the spreadsheet to see if the user's email match.

If the QuickBooks Time email address does not match what is in the spreadsheet:

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Time as an Admin User.
  2. Select My Team.
  3. In the My Team box, select the user that time is not syncing for, to open Team Member Details.
  4. In the Team Member Details, under Status, select Send new invite to re-invite the user with the correct email address.
    Team Member Details-View-QuickBooks Time-04192022.jpg
  1. Log in to QuickBooks Time as an Admin User
  2. Select My Team
  3. In the My Team box, check the usernames of the Team member that is listed multiple times and archive the user(s) the incorrect user.

    Note: After the duplicate user(s) has been archived it may be necessary to edit and resave the existing time entry that was entered in QuickBooks Time to allow it to sync to Intuit Practice Management.

When QuickBooks Time is connected after time entries have been entered, Intuit Practice Management does not export the existing time entries to QuickBooks Time. The time entries would need to be manually entered into QuickBooks Time.

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