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Common questions about Form 1040 charitable contributions in Lacerte

by Intuit Updated 11 months ago

The following are answers to frequently asked questions about charitable contributions on individual returns in Intuit Lacerte.

How do I enter contributions for clients taking the standard deduction?

For tax year 2020 and 2021 returns, filers taking the standard deduction can claim an adjustment to income of up to $300 (or $150 if Married Filing Separately, $600 if Married Filing Jointly). The adjustment is reported on Form 1040, line 10b. This provision was not extended for tax year 2022 returns.

To generate this deduction:

  1. On Screen 25, Itemized Deductions (Sch A), scroll down to the Cash Contributions section.
  2. Locate the 60% Limitation / 100% Qualified Contribution Limitation section.
  3. Enter the contribution amount(s) in Cash contributions (Ctrl+E).

Why aren't charitable contributions from a K-1 flowing to Schedule A?

This is most often caused by Schedule K-1 basis limitations. Check the following items:

  • Make sure all the totals entered for cash contributions and carryovers on Screen 25, Itemized Deductions(Sch A) and Screen 20, Passthrough K-1's.
  • Check if any amounts have been entered in the Basis Carryovers section of each K-1.
  • If the totals for the amounts entered in the input screens are lower than the amount on the Schedule A, Line 11, view the Basis Limitation Worksheet on the Forms tab.
  • If the totals for the contributions are limited by basis, the carryover totals will show on the General Information worksheet.
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