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Troubleshooting NY diagnostic ref. 13091, 15124, 15123, or 37771 -NYTPRIN in ProConnect Tax

by ProConnect Tax Online Updated 7 months ago

The following diagnostic is generating in ProConnect Tax:

New York State requires all Paid Tax Return Preparers and Facilitators of Refund Anticipation Loans [RALs] obtain and print their New York Tax Preparer Registration Number [NYTPRIN] or their NYTPRIN exclusion code in the Paid Preparers section of the New York State return. To have the NYTPRIN or exclusion code print on the New York Returns, each affected preparer will need to enter their unique number or select an exclusion code from the drop-down list under the "Preparers" tab which is located under User Options. please note that "N/A" is no longer an allowed entry in the NYTRPIN field. Note:  Access the NY Web site at for additional information regarding the Tax Preparer Registration Program or to register electronically for your NYTPRIN via the Online Tax Center.  (ref. #13091) Individual, (ref. #15133) Partnership (ref. #15124) S Corporate, (ref. #15123) Corporate, and (ref. #37771) Fiduciary

How do I resolve this diagnostic?

Paid preparers must enter either a New York Exclusion Code or a New York Preparer Registration Number (NYTPRIN) in the program to resolve this diagnostic. 

This can be entered by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Preparer Information.
  3. Click on the Preparer's Name.
  4. Enter the NYPRIN in the New York Tax Preparer Registration Identification Number (NYTPRIN) box or enter the Exclusion Code in the New York Exclusion Code box.
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