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Common questions about Minnesota Schedule M1NR in ProConnect Tax

by ProConnect Tax Online Updated 7 months ago

Below, you'll find answers to frequently asked questions on Minnesota, Schedule M1NR in ProConnect Tax:

How do you complete Schedule M1NR?

  1. From the Input Return tab, go to General  Client Information.
  2. Make sure you've selected the Multi-State Return? box.
  3. From the Input Return tab, go to State & Local  Part-Yr./Nonres. Information.
  4. Click MN Part-Yr./Nonres. Information.
  5. Select the State (abbr.) of Residency for the taxpayer (and spouse, if Married Filing Jointly).

The amount flowing to Schedule M1NR should show in both columns A and B. How do you show the amount in column B?

According to the Schedule M1NR Instructions, line 13, column B amounts should flow from Schedule M1M Lines 6, 7, and 10. These amounts must be from Minnesota sources earned while a nonresident.

  • Make sure the items entered to generate the amounts on either form M1M and M1NC are all showing as Minnesota items.  
  • If they aren't showing as Minnesota items, the amounts will only flow to column A.

Why aren’t deductions generating on the M1NR?

If your client’s Minnesota gross income is below the $12,400 filing requirement, but they’re filing to claim credit for withholding or estimates paid, there are special instructions for how to complete the M1NR.

Review the current year M1NR instructions to verify the minimum filing requirement and lines to skip.

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