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Common questions about entering NY Form IT-112-R in Lacerte

by Lacerte Tax 2023 Updated 11 months ago

Below are solutions to frequently asked questions about entering Form IT-112-R, New York State Resident Tax Credit in the Individual module of Lacerte.

Who should file Form IT-112-R?

Your client should file this form to claim a credit against their New York State tax if they resided in New York for all or part of the year, and they had income sourced to and taxed by:

  • Another state
  • A local government within another state
  • The District of Columbia

Refer to the Instructions for Form IT-112-R for more information.

How do I generate the New York IT-112-R for a part-year resident?

Follow these steps to generate NY Form IT-112-R:

  1. Go to Screen 52, Other State Tax Credit.
  2. Under the Other State Tax Credit (IT-112R/IT-112C) section, select New York from the left navigation panel.
  3. Select a state from the list in the State abbreviation field.
    • This should be the other state that the taxpayer paid taxes to.
  4. Under the Income and Adjustments subsection, enter the following income information, if applicable:
    • These fields are all overrides since Lacerte automatically calculates the credit for taxes paid to other states for full-year residents. For part-year residents, the income must be entered here.
    • Wages, salaries, tips, etc. [O]
    • Taxable interest income [O]
    • Dividend income [O]
    • State tax refund [O]
    • Alimony received [O]
    • Business income (or loss) [O]
    • Capital gain or (loss) [O]
    • Other gains or (losses) [O]
    • Taxable amount of IRA distributions [O]
    • Taxable pensions and annuities [O]
    • Rent, royalties, partnership, etc. [O]
    • Farm income or (loss) [O]
    • Unemployment compensation [O]
    • Taxable amount of social security [O]
    • Other income [O]
    • Adjustment to income [O]
    • Capital gain portion of lump sum distribution [O]
  5. Under the Computing the Credit subsection, enter the Tax paid to other state [O].
  6. Complete any other information for the other state.

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