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Generating Form 8609-A in Lacerte

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

A building owner files form 8609-A Annual Statement for Low-Income Housing Credit to report compliance with low-income housing provisions and calculate the low-income housing credit.

  • The building owner must file form 8609-A for each year of the 15-year compliance period.
    • File one Form 8609-A for allocation(s) for the acquisition of an existing building.
    • File a separate Form 8609-A for allocation(s) for rehabilitation expenditures.

How to generate Form 8609-A

  1. Go to Screen 21, Form 8609-A/LIH Recapture (8611).
  2. A separate activity must be added for each building.
  3. The partner's share of this credit flows to the Schedule K-1 Box 15 with a code of A or B.
    • The code A or B depends on what is entered in 1=42(j)(5) partnership, 2=other (MANDATORY) (Code 17).
  1. Go to Screen 28.2, Schedule A (8609)/LIH Recapture
  2. Scroll down to Credit Information (8609-A)
  3. Input amount for Eligible basis from Form 8609, Part II, line 7b (Code 5)
  4. Input number of low-income units (Code 22)
  5. Input the Total number of units (Code 23)
  6. Input Low-income floor space (Code 24)
  7. Input Total floor space (Code 25)
  8. Input Credit percentage from Form 8609, Part I, line 2 (.xxxx) (Code 501)
  9. Input other information as needed.

Additional inputs can be found in Screen 16, K-1 Information in the Credits section.

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