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How to use the recalculate feature in EasyACCT payroll processing

by Intuit EasyACCT 2023 Updated 7 months ago

Recording payroll checks after the fact (ATF), might result in incorrect amounts entered for Employee FICA/Medicare or other withholding. This article will help explain how to use the recalculate feature.

An incorrect entry for Employee FICA/Medicare also causes matching to be incorrect. For example:

Salary = $1000.00
FICA = $60.00
Medicare = $13.00
FWT = $100.00
Net Pay = $827.00

  • Total FICA (Employee WH + Employer match) should be 12.4% of the check or $124.00.
  • Employer FICA is calculated by subtracting Employee FICA from total FICA.
    • Employer FICA would be $124.00 - 60.00 = $64.00.
    • Employee FICA and Employer FICA don't match.
    • The employer part is absorbing the difference.
  • Total Medicare (Employee WH + Employer match) should be 2.9% of the check or $29.00.
  • Employer Medicare is calculated by subtracting Employee Medicare from total Medicare.
    • Total Medicare would be $29.00 - 13.00 = $16.00.
    • Employee Medicare and employer Medicare don't match.
    • The employer part is absorbing the difference.

To correct this, the check would need to be recalculated:

When the Recalculate button is selected, a prompt comes up informing you of which taxes are incorrect and what the correct numbers should be.

Using the example above, the prompt would look like this:

Current  |  Recalculated
FICA:            60.00 | 62.00
Medicare:    13.00 | 14.50
FWT:          100.00 | 96.50
FICA:           64.00 | 62.00
Medicare:    16.00 | 14.50

  • Employee FICA/Medicare now matches Employer FICA/Medicare.
    • Employee FICA is increased by $2.00 / Employer FICA is decreased by $2.00.
    • Employee Medicare is increased by $1.50 / Employer Medicare is decreased by $1.50.
    • Employee Federal Withholding is decreased by $3.50, used to offset the increased $2.00 + $1.50.
  • The Net Pay remains the same.
  • The recalculate button recalculates taxes ignoring any Payroll Entry Options.
  • To recalculate the check based on the Payroll Entry Options, press Enter through all the fields of the check.
  • If there is no difference between current and recalculated amounts, the Recalculate prompt doesn't come up.
  • The Recalculate feature can be used for all existing checks.

There are special conditions that might prevent employee/employer amounts from adjusting this way when there are insufficient amounts of federal, state, or local withholding.


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