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Restricting access to a return in ProConnect Tax

by ProConnect Tax Online Updated 1 year ago
  • If you're a tax preparer and firm owner, you can restrict access to any return.
  • If you restrict access to a return, only you can access that specific return.
  • No other firm owners or users can access the return.
  • The primary administrator can access any returns.

Restricting access to returns

  1. Select the Return actions dropdown menu.Selecting the Return actions dropdown menu to manage access to a return in ProConnect Tax.
  2. Select Restrict Access.
    • In the main Tax Return view, a padlock icon will appear next to the return to show that you've restricted access. The padlock icon appears next to a tax return in the main Tax Return view, indicating access is restricted to the primary admin only in ProConnect Tax

Note: Beginning in tax year 2021, the lock icon will indicate a return that was locked after e-filing. Restricted returns will display this symbol: Restricted_PCG_US_EXT_102821.png

Removing the restriction

  1. Go to the return in the Tax Return list.
  2. Select the tax return with the padlock icon.
  3. Select the Return actions dropdown menu.
  4. Select Remove Restriction.
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