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Common questions about Form 990 Officers Directors Trustee Compensation in ProConnect Tax

SOLVEDby Intuit2Updated July 20, 2023

The information related to Form 990, Page 7, Part VII is entered in Officer, Directors, Trustees, Managers and Compensation and Hours. There are separate screens for each applicable type of employee.

First, enter the Officer Information in Officer, Directors, Trustees, Managers.

  1. From the Input Return tab, go to Expenses  Compensations & Hours. 
  2. Enter the Officer Compensation and Other Information in the applicable fields for each person.
  • Enter the Compensation of Key Employees in Expenses  Compensation of Key Employees.
  • Enter the Compensation of the Five Highest Paid Employees in Expenses  Compensation of Five Highest Paid Employees.
  • Enter Former Officers Compensation in Expenses  Former Officers, Directors, Trustee Compensation.
  • Enter the Compensation of Highest Paid Contractors in Expenses  Compensation of Highest Paid Contractors.
  • Enter Disqualified Persons Compensation in Expenses  Disqualified Persons Compensation.
  • Enter Schedule J Information in Expenses  Sch. J Compensation Questions.

Note: Do not repeat information in any screen. If entered, the information will be doubled in Schedule E, Part VII.

  • To mark the box for an Individual Trustee or Director, Institutional Trustee, or Officer - Choose the appropriate Officer or Director Name in Officers, Directors, Trustees Compensation, and mark the related box.
  • To mark the box for Key Employee - Enter information in Compensation of Key Employees (do NOT duplicate input from Officers, Directors, Trustees). The box on Form 990, Part VII, column C for Key Employee will check automatically.
  • To mark the box for Highest Compensated Employee - Enter information for the five highest paid employees in Compensation of Five Highest Paid Employees. The box on Form 990, Part VII, column C for Highest compensated employee  with check automatically.
  • To mark the box for Former - Enter information for former officers, directors or trustees in Former Officers Directors, Trustees Compensation. The box on Form 990, Part VI, column C for Former will check automatically.

Enter those in  Officers, Directors, Trustees Compensation in the subsection Related Organization Compensation.

Column E Inputs:

  • Base compensation 
  • Bonus & incentive compensation 
  • Other compensation

Column F Inputs:

  • Deferred compensation 
  • Nontaxable benefits 

Generally, when the information doesn't flow to the form it means that one of the two required entries is missing.  To generate Compensation of Officers on Form 990, Part IX, Line 5: 

  1. From the Input Return tab, go to General Officer, Directors, Trustees, Managers
  2. Make sure data is entered. 
  3. From the Input Return tab, go to Expenses Compensation & Hours.
  4. Enter Compensation Received.
  5. Scroll down to the section Form 990.
  6. Enter a percentage in at least one of the lines for Percentage allocated to... (.xxxx or 1=100%).

This will allow the amounts to show up in Column A as well as in the appropriate Columns B, C or D of Form 990 Part IX, line 5.

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