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How do I convert a return from 1120 to 1120S or 1120S to 1120?

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

This article will help you transfer client files between the corporate and S corporate modules by using the bridge utility in Lacerte.

Before you start:

  • Remove any passwords from the client file.
  • Make sure the client file is unlocked.

Follow these steps to bridge a return:

  1. Open Lacerte.
  2. Select the Client menu at the top of the program, then click on Tax Type.
  3. Select the target tax type you want to transfer into.
    • For example, if your existing client is in the Corporate module, open the S-Corporate module here.
  4. Click on the Tools menu at the top of the program.
  5. Select Import clients from Corporate (or S-Corporation).
  6. Click on the client you want to bridge, then press OK.
  7. Enter a number for the imported client, and click OK.
    • If you select a client number that already exists in your current data path, the program will ask if you want to overwrite the existing return. We recommend you press No and repeat steps 4-7 using a distinct client number.
  8. The imported client will convert and appear on the client list.

The original client file will still be available in its previous tax type after the transfer.

Bridge utility limitations:

  • The program imports only federal codes. You may need to re-enter state-specific data.
  • The bridge utility only converts the client to a different tax type in the same year of Lacerte.
  • When exporting a Corporation client to an S-Corporation client, only corporate officers with common stock percentages become shareholders in the new S-Corporation. Additional shareholders must be added in the S-Corporation Shareholder Information, Screen 5.
  • If you use Lacerte on an REP basis, you'll need to request REP access after importing the return. There's no additional fee for bridged files.
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