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Exporting Lacerte data to the BNA Tax Planning program

SOLVEDby Intuit7Updated December 04, 2023

This article will explain how to transfer or export Lacerte individual client data using the BNA Bridge option.

Before you start:

Before you can use the BNA Tax Planning Bridge, you must have purchased a separate license file that lets you create BNA Bridge Files.

Table of contents:

Follow these steps to export from Lacerte to BNA
Follow these steps to import the bridge file
Follow these steps to create multiple bridge files at once

Step 1 - Export from Lacerte to BNA

  1. Open Lacerte to the Individual module.
  2. From the Settings menu, select Options.
  3. Select the Setup tab.
  4. Locate the Program Options section.
  5. Locate the BNA Tax Planning Bridge option.
  6. Select the applicable BNA option:
    • Federal - to create a data file with only federal info, or
    • Federal & State - for federal and state info
      • If this fails with the message "You are not currently licensed to use the BNA Tax Planning Bridge Option" download the license to unlock this feature.
      • If you have purchased it and updated your license file already, contact Customer Service (800-933-9999) for licensing.
  7. Select the Forms tab or print the return to create the bridge file.

The bridge file will be named Client #.IT (or Client #.IT# in prior years) and is stored in the data path EXPORT subdirectory. For example, if the Lacerte data was stored on a network, the path to the BNA files would look like L:\Lacerte\23taxI\Data\EXPORT. If the client file is not created, try unlocking the client and say YES to the Create a Copy option, and go the Forms view of the copy.

For more information on how to contact Lacerte, as well as our operating hours, see here.

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Step 2 - Import the bridge file

  1. Enter the BNA Tax Planning program.
  2. Select Open File.
  3. Change the directory to the Export subdirectory where the *.IT file was created in.

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Follow these steps to create multiple bridge files at once:

  1. Select the Clients tab (to view the list of your clients).
  2. Select all the clients you want to make a bridge file for.
  3. Select Client.
  4. Select Update Client Database.

After the program has finished calculating each of the selected returns, there will be a bridge file for each client in the Export subdirectory of your data path as noted above.

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For more information on the BNA Tax Planning Bridge, select inside the field and press F1. BNA contact number: 1-800-424-2938

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