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Common questions about Corporate Rental Activities in Lacerte

by Intuit Updated 11 months ago

Common questions regarding rentals and other passive activities

  1. Open Screen 18, Rental/Other Passive Activities.
  2. In the Property list, select or add the applicable property. (Click the Add button to add a new property)
  3. In the Section box, select Rental/Other Passive Activities.
  4. If there are prior year unallowed passive losses entered, and you select either Not a Passive Activity or Real Property Trade or Business Exemption check box, the program assumes the activity is a former passive activity.
  1. Open Screen 18, Rental/Other Passive Activities.
  2. Enter 2 in 1 = Delete This Year, 2 = Delete Next Year to indicate that this activity is being disposed of this year and to release all suspended passive losses

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