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How to Generate Form 8829 for Business Use of Home

by Intuit Updated 2 weeks ago

To generate Form 8829:

  1. Go to Screen 29, Business Use of Home (8829).
  2. Select the applicable Form (Ctrl+T) from the drop down menu.

    Note- If Schedule C is not selected, Form 8829 will not be generate. Instead a Business Use of Home Worksheet will generate.

  3. Select the Activity name or number (Ctrl+T) from the drop down menu.
  4. Scroll down to the Business Use of Home (8829) section.
  5. Enter the Business use area (sq. ft.).
  6. Enter the Total area of home (sq. ft.).
  7. Enter the Total hours facility used (daycare facilities only).
  8. Scroll down to the Indirect Expenses section.
  9. Enter all applicable indirect expenses in full (business percentage will be applied).
  10. Scroll down to the Direct Expenses section.
  11. Enter all applicable expenses (business percentage will not be applied to direct expenses).

Indirect Expenses

Enter the indirect expenses in full (see the note below for exceptions). The program applies the business percentage and carries to Schedule A the nondeductible portion of interest, taxes, and casualty loss.

Direct Expenses

Enter in the appropriate input fields direct expenses related to the business use of the home. The program does not limit direct expenses related to the business activity on Form 8829. The program deducts the amounts entered in full.

Note:  If the taxpayer is subject to Excess Home Mortgage limitations, input fields are provided at the bottom of the Itemized Deductions input screen allowing you to enter loan information, including interest and points expense. If you are using that input section, you are also allowed to route the allowed interest and points expense from those loans to the 8829/Business Use of Home Worksheet. If you do this, do not make entries in the Mortgage Interest [A] (Screen 29) or Excess Mortgage Interest [A] (Screen 29 ) input fields on the Business Use of Home screen.

Note: If any fields in the Mortgage Interest section are overridden, then all fields there must be overridden.

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