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Common questions about additional income on Schedule 1 in Lacerte

by Lacerte Tax 2023 Updated 5 months ago

Below, you'll find questions to frequently asked questions about Schedule 1 in Lacerte.

How do I enter state or local tax refunds for line 1?

If you know the refund should be taxable:

  1. Go to Screen 14.2, State Tax Refunds,Unemployment Comp. (1099-G).
  2. Click the blue State Refund Wksht link from the left navigation menu.
  3. Enter the amount for Schedule 1, line 1 in the Income tax refunds, if itemized last year [O] field.

If you aren't sure if/how much of the refund is taxable, leave the override fields blank and check the box labeled Itemized in 2022 and enter the Amounts from 2022 Return subsection. Lacerte will calculate the taxable portion of the refunds received and print the result, if any, on line 1. 

Refer to this article for more information on how the State and Local Tax Refunds Taxable Worksheet calculates.

How do I enter alimony received for line 2a?

  1. Go to Screen 14.1, SS Benefits, Alimony, Miscellaneous Inc.
  2. Scroll down to the Alimony and Other Income section.
  3. Press Ctrl + E in the Alimony received (Ctrl + E) field to expand it.
  4. Enter the Alimony received and Date of agreement.
    • Lacerte will only report the alimony on the federal return if the date is before 12/31/2018. However, nonconforming states may still include this as income. If your client received reportable alimony from multiple pre-2019 agreements, Lacerte will print the agreement date for which the most alimony was received on Schedule 1.

How do I enter ordinary gains or losses for line 4?

Schedule 4, line 1, comes directly from Form 4797, line 18b. If your client disposed of depreciable property, review Form 4797, page 2 for accuracy. 

Form 4797, line 22, Depreciation allowed, is automatically calculated by Lacerte for all assets entered on Screen 22. If you need to override this line you must enter the disposition on Screen 17 instead. 

Refer to this article for instructions.

Why aren't Schedule E losses flowing to line 5?

Some or all K-1 losses may have been limited by the basis, at-risk, or passive rules. The easiest way to check where limitations occurred is by reviewing the K-1 Reconciliation Worksheets. From there, you can determine whether you need to review the Basis Worksheets, Form 6198 for at-risk limits, or Form 8582 for passive activity limits. 

How does Lacerte calculate NOLs for line 8a?

Click the green See Stmt hyperlink next to this line to view the calculation of taxable income available for NOL utilization. Any NOL not absorbed this year will create a carryover.

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