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Filing an individual Form 4868 electronically

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Before you start:

  • The Intuit Electronic Filing Center will not allow electronic submission of Form 4868 after the deadline, unless the taxpayer's SSN previously requested an extension and was rejected.
  • If it is necessary to change the taxpayer's SSN in order to correct an electronic filing rejection, the Form 4868 will need to be submitted by US Mail if the deadline has passed.

To generate a Form 4868:

  1. Open the Federal Information Worksheet.
  2. If planning on electronic filing, scroll down to Part VII - Electronic Filing of Extension and Amended Return Information and check the box File Form 4868 (application for extension of time to file return) electronically.
  3. Open the Form 4868.
  4. In the Important Information section check the box for Check this box to freeze the amounts flowing to this form.
  5. Make any adjustments to line 4-7, if needed.

If you are e-filing and plan on paying the balance due electronically:

  1. Open the Federal Information Worksheet.
  2. Scroll down to Part VIII - Direct Deposit and Refund Disbursement Options.
  3. Ensure the Account type, Routing number, and Account number are entered.
  4. Scroll down to Part IX - Electronic Funds Withdrawl Options. 
  5. Under Electronic Filing of Federal Extension Only check the Yes box.

To e-file the extension

In order to e-file an extension the extension must pass final review:

  1. Open the client's file.
  2. From the Information, menu choose Final Review.
  3. Click Start to begin Final Review.
  4. Review any orange You Should Fix This Error messages. These errors are typically associated with completing your return and will not prevent your Extension from being filed electronically.
  5. Correct any red You Must Fix This Error messages. These errors will guide you through the remaining entries, and resolve any errors that may prevent your extension from being filed electronically.
  6. Save the return.

To transmit the extension:

  1. Open the ProSeries EF Center HomeBase View.
  2. Find the client's information that you plan on e-filing.
  3. Review the EF Status column to ensure it says 1st Extension Marked for EF.  If this says Return Marked for e-file please review the file to make sure the extension is marked for e-file.
  4. Highlight the Federal, and state if applicable, for the client.
  5. From the E-File menu choose Electronic Filing then Convert/Transmit Returns/Extensions/Payments...
  6. On the Electronic Filing Options screen choose Convert and Transmit selected returns/extensions/payments and click OK to e-file the extensions.
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