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How to amend a previously amended business return in ProSeries

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

IRS' Modernized Electronic Filing program allows submitting multiple amended returns for business entities and Foreign Bank Reporting (Form 114).

ProSeries tax software is also designed to submit as many amended return filings as needed as well.

  1. Open the client’s previously amended return.
  2. From the File menu, select Save as.
  3. Save the return using a different name. For example, SmithCopy
  4. Go to Homebase. 
  5. Open the previously amended return (not the copy you just created). Use the File name column to tell them apart.
  6. Remove the amended checkbox or X form from the return.
    • Some business returns have an amended return checkbox on the main form. Uncheck this box and recheck it.
    • Some returns have an X form such as 1040X. Open the amendment form, then from the Forms menu, select Remove Form.
  7. Add the amended form or checkbox again.
  8. Make the amended changes on the original form or worksheet.
  9. Open the Electronic Filing Information Worksheet.
  10. Check the box for Check this box to file another federal amended return electronically.
    • If your filing an additional state amended return, check the Check this box to file another state and/or city amended return electronically.
  11. E-file the return like normal.
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