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Understanding Lacerte diagnostic ref. 8828

by Lacerte Tax 2023 Updated 7 months ago

The diagnostic message is:

  • "The small business simplified overall method was applied to all domestic production activities on Form 8903." (ref. #8828)

Why the diagnostic occurs

  • This critical diagnostic generates when one activity is indicated as Small business simplified overall method but another activity hasn't been indicated as either Small business simplified overall method, Simplified deduction method, or other.
  • In this situation, Lacerte will automatically apply the Small business simplified overall method for all activities and trigger the diagnostic.
    • The diagnostic is a caution to correct the return if applying the Small business simplified overall method to other activities (with Domestic Production Information) is incorrect.
    • The diagnostic won't prevent you from e-filing.
  • If applying the Small business simplified overall method for all activities is correct, check the box next to the diagnostic to indicate that the diagnostic has been reviewed.
  • If the other activities with DPA information should have a different method applied, you'll need to locate the other activities and indicate the correct DPAD method.
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