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Troubleshooting Lacerte diagnostic ref. 378/25426 - Disabled access expenditures

by Lacerte Tax 2023 Updated 7 months ago

The following critical diagnostic is generating in the Corporate or S-Corporate module:

  • You must manually reduce applicable disabled access expenditures deducted by $XXX of disabled access credit from Form 8826, line 6. (ref. #378 Corporate/ref. #25426 S-Corporate)

Why is this diagnostic generating?

This diagnostic is an informational diagnostic that Lacerte has made critical so that it isn't overlooked. The diagnostic only applies to those who are taking a deduction and receiving a credit for Eligible Access Expenditures.

Per the IRS instructions for Form 8826:

Denial of double benefit. To the extent of the credit shown on line 6, the eligible access expenditures may not be claimed as a deduction in figuring taxable income, capitalized, or used in figuring any other credit.

How do I resolve this diagnostic?

So that the corporation or S corporation doesn't get a double benefit for both a deduction and credit for the eligible access expenditures, make sure you’re reducing the deduction for the expenditure, regardless of where you’ve entered it. If the expenditure is a fixed asset that you’re depreciating/amortizing, reduce the basis by the amount of the credit. If it isn't a fixed asset, reduce that expense amount by the credit on Form 8826, line 6.

This diagnostic won't go away since not everyone will need to make a change. However, this diagnostic won't stop the return from being e-filed.

You may need to enter an adjustment in the Other (Ctrl+E) field of the appropriate M-1 adjustment screen (Screen 39 for Corporate, Screen 31 for S-Corporate) in order to balance the balance sheet. This adjustment isn't automatic in relation to the M-1.

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