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How to resolve Lacerte diagnostic ref 15542 - Illinois use tax might be needed for this return

by Intuit Updated 8 months ago

This article will help resolve the following informational diagnostic, when filing a nonresident Illinois tax return:

  • Use tax for Illinois might be needed for this return and is not automatically calculated.   In order to implement, please open input Screen 54, Taxes to trigger the use tax. (ref. #15542)

Lacerte doesn't automatically calculate the use tax on Form IL-1040 under the Other Taxes section for nonresidents. The IL-1040 instructions provide more information about when a taxpayer must pay use tax. 

To automatically calculate the use tax the taxpayer owes:

  1. Select the informational diagnostic, which will take you to Screen 54.071, Illinois Taxes.
  2. Mark the box Compute use tax for this return to have Lacerte calculate the use tax owed using the tables or a worksheet provided in the IL-1040 instruction booklet. Both tables and worksheet are based on the Federal AGI, or IL-1040, Line 1.

To manually enter the use tax:

To enter a use tax amount rather than having Lacerte calculate it, enter the amount in the field Use tax enter amount (-1=omit) [O].

Lacerte Tax

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