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How to Lock a return in ProSeries

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

Beginning with the 2017 ProSeries program, you now can Lock client returns. This allows you to "freeze" a return so that it can't be updated, for example via editing or recalculation of data triggered by a form update.

Locking a return:
In the ProSeries HomeBase View, highlight any client file.
Select Tools -> Lock/Unlock Client Files -> Lock Clients

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You can make sure the return is locked on the Homebase by looking for the Lock icon.

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Viewing a locked return:
With your Locked file selected in HomeBase View, choose File -> Open Client.

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Unlocking a return:
In the ProSeries HomeBase View, highlight your locked Client.
Select Tools -> Lock/Unlock Client Files -> Unlock Clients
Confirm your selected client no longer has a "lock" icon in it's locked column
Open your unlocked file (via File -> Open Client)
Confirm that you can now edit & save again

**Be aware If a data file has been locked, you cannot print Bank Product checks or transmit check records. Once the checks are printed and the check records have been transmitted, then the files can be locked.

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