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Importing from Lacerte to Tax Planner

by Intuit Updated 5 months ago

This article explains how to import data from a Lacerte client file to Tax Planner.

  • Due to Lacerte login requirements in tax year 2016 and newer, the program needs to be opened first to successfully import a tax client.
  1. Open the Lacerte Tax Planner.
  2. In the second screen choose Import a Lacerte Tax Client
    • If that screen doesn't open, go to the File menu and select Import Tax Client.
    • Alternatively, select the Import button on the toolbar.
    • If the error, "Couldn't initialize Tax Program, NOTLOGGEDIN," appears when trying to import a client, open the Lacerte program with the client you want to import and try this operation again.
  3. A window will open listing the individual clients.
  4. Highlight the client and press OK.

How to export client data from Lacerte to Tax Planner

  1. Open Lacerte.
  2. Open the client file you wish to export.
  3. From the Tools menu, select Tax Planner.
  4. In the Lacerte Tax Planner Export window, choose Export client to the Tax Planner and select OK.
  5. Tax Planner will open automatically. Choose either to create a new Plan, or use an existing one.
  6. You may receive messages about some data not exporting. Once you've reviewed them, select OK.
  7. In the Plan Information window, select Plan Type, Years and Cases, and State Information, then click OK to save.

The data will take a moment to populate in the new/edited plan.

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