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Generating and e-filing estimated payments for state returns in ProSeries

SOLVEDby Intuit10Updated 1 month ago

You can e-file certain state estimated tax payments in ProSeries.

How do I e-file state estimated tax payments?

To e-file the estimated tax payments, first make sure the return is properly marked for electronically filing the estimates.

On the Federal Information Worksheet for the return type in question:

  1. Scroll down to Electronic Filing Information.
  2. Check the box to File the state(s) return electronically.
  3. In the State(s) table, select the state you need to e-file estimated tax payments for.
  4. Scroll down to Electronic Filing of Estimated Payments.
  5. Check the box to file the state estimated tax payments electronically.
  6. In the table, select the State Quarterly Payment and all other payments (2nd, 3rd, 4th) that you'll file electronically.
    • Select one payment per table row.
  7. Complete the federal and state corporate returns, including the appropriate Estimated Tax Worksheet within the state return.

On the State Information Worksheet:

  1. Scroll down to Electronic Filing Information.
  2. Make sure that Estimated payments will be filed electronically is checked.
  3. Note the table indicating the Quarter, the Payment Amount, and the Payment Due Date
    • This information will be calculated based on the information on the Estimated Payments Worksheet.
  4. Complete the Date to Withdraw and the Date Signed fields.
  5. Complete any remaining information such as the signing Officer's Name and Title.
  6. Scroll down to Electronic Funds Withdrawal Information.
  7. Check Yes for electronic funds withdrawal of state tax payment..
  8. Complete the Bank Information, Payment Information, and International ACH Transactions question.
  9. Save the return. 
  10. Go to the ProSeries EF Center HomeBase.

On the ProSeries EF Center HomeBase:

  1.  Locate the client's return.
    • The Estimated Payment will be identified on its own line. In this case FL Corp Pmt is displayed in Return Type for a Florida Corporation Estimated Tax Payment.
  2. When you're ready to e-file the payment, select the row associated with the client's FL Corp Pmt and transmit the payment as you would normally.

Each quarterly estimated tax payment must be e-filed separately. Only a single payment will be displayed in the EF Center at a time. Additional payments will only be displayed after the prior payment has been transmitted and accepted. Payments may only be transmitted within 30 days of the payment due date.

Estimated Tax Payments Currently Supported for E-File in ProSeries 2016:

Connecticut Corporation
Connecticut Fiduciary
Florida Corporation
Maryland Corporation
Maryland Partnership
Maryland S Corporation
New Jersey Corporation
New Jersey S Corporation
New Jersey Fiduciary
New Jersey Fiscal Corporation
New Jersey Fiscal S Corporation
New York City Corporation
New York City Partnership
New York Corporation
New York S Corporation
Pennsylvania Partnership
Tennessee Corporation

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