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Creating and using custom client letters in ProConnect Tax

SOLVEDby Intuit19Updated December 21, 2023

Client letters are already printed alongside your tax return in ProConnect Tax

The custom client letters feature provides the capability to customize this client letter.

Client letter templates are composed of sections. Some sections like the Salutation and Signature are a part of all client letters. Other sections are intelligently added based on the contents of a tax return. 

Templates also contain keywords. When editing a template you’ll see keywords as words in brackets, [ TAXYEAR ] for example. When printing or previewing a tax return, you’ll see these keywords as the actual values according to that tax return. When printing a tax year 2022 tax return, you’ll see “ [ TAXYEAR ] ” become “2022”

To view the resulting custom client letter, you’ll need to open a tax return and print it, or preview it. 
The default template is the one automatically selected for you when you print or preview. If you’re printing a partial or complete tax return, you’ll have the ability to select a different template before you print. When previewing, you’ll only see your default template applied.

Before you start:

  • Only available for federal returns for all tax types starting in tax year 2022.
  • Only Firm Admins can create and modify templates
  • Templates are shared by all users in the firm.
  • Templates are available in English only.
  • Images can't be added to a letter.

To customize a letter:

  1. Go to PCG--UI_PTO_navbar-settings.pngand select Client Letters.
  2. From the Return type dropdown select the type of return you want to customize the letter for.
  3. Under Actions select Customize a copy.
  4. At the top select the Edit icon to rename your custom client letter.
  5. To set this as default for all returns of this tax type, select Use as default.
  6. Under Template navigation browse to the section of the letter you want to edit.
  7. When you select a section to edit the text and keywords will show on the right.
    • Keywords are indicated with brackets around them.
  • To edit text modify the text on the screen to show up how you want to see it in the letter.
  • To delete a keyword by deleting the whole code including the [ ].
  • To add a keyword select Insert keywords and search for the topic you need, select Insert to add it to the letter.
    • The list of available Keywords can't be modified or added to.

To delete a custom client letter:

The original letter for each tax type can't be deleted.

To delete customized letters:

  1. Go to PCG--UI_PTO_navbar-settings.png and select Client Letters.
  2. From the Return type dropdown select the type of return you want to delete the letter for.
  3. Under Actions select Delete.

To select which letter prints with the return:

If your customized letter is not the default and you need to select it for a specific client:

  1. Go to File Return
  2. Under Print, select Print to PDF or Partial print to PDF.
  3. In the Select letter template dropdown select the customized letter to use for this client.
  4. Review your other print settings and select Create PDF.


  • Pasting content from another document could lead to unexpected results. If you experience this, try pasting the content one small chunk at a time. 
  • Pasting certain types of content like images and links is not supported and may result in errors.
  • If you apply formatting to a keyword, make sure you include the brackets in the formatting, otherwise it might not print correctly. 
  • If you insert a keyword, but don’t see anything printed, it might be that the value doesn’t exist in that tax return.

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