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How to set up a departmental or divisional company in EasyACCT

by Intuit EasyACCT 2023 Updated 6 months ago

This article will assist you with setting up a new multi-departmental or divisional company in EasyACCT.

Before you start

When setting up a new Chart of Accounts, you'll need to select the applicable account type. Use the tables below to determine what to select for step 2 of the instructions below.

Multi-departmental companies

Account typeProgram input
Combined expense accountsType C
Departmental expense accountsType E
Combined revenue accountsType I
Departmental revenue accounts Type R
Liability accountsType L
Asset accountsType A

Divisional companies

Account typeProgram input
Combined asset accountType P
Divisional asset accountType A
Combined liability accountType D
Divisional liability accountType L
Combined revenue accountsType I
Divisional revenue accountsType R
Combined expense accountsType C
Divisional expense accountsType E

Follow these steps to set up a multi-departmental or divisional company in the program:

  1. Go to Write-Up > Update Company Files > General Ledger Accounts.
  2. Set up a new Chart of Accounts using the structure outlined below.
    • Only the combining accounts are set up in this step. The individual department and division accounts are set up automatically later.
    • Enter the Tax Page and Line applicable to the combined accounts. The program will assign the same when the utility is used to create departments/divisions.
    • Use the table above in the "Before you start" section of this article to determine the correct account type input. 
  3. Go to Write-Up > Data File Utilities > Multi-Departmental Accounts.
    • This utility creates the individual chart of accounts for each department or division.
  4. Select the Number of new departments or Number of new departments to create.
  5. Click Continue.
    • When the new accounts are created, the program adds the department (or division) number in front of the combined account number.
    • For example, if the combined sales account is 3000, then the sales account for department 1 will be 13000.
    • The program will automatically assign the correct account types R, E for a departmental revenue and expenses or A, L, R, E for divisional assets, liabilities, revenue and expenses.
    • The added accounts will apply the same Tax Page and Line as the associated combined accounts.
  6. For the prompt Now ready to create new departmental or divisional accounts. Are you sure? select Yes.
  7. Go to Write-up Processing > Update Company Files > Financial Statements > Statement Templates.
  8. Change the Type of Financial Statements to Divisional or Multi-Departmental.
  9. Enter the number of departments or divisions (up to 999).
  10. Enter the combined account ranges for the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement tabs.

The Create Multi-departmental Accounts utility will begin with the first unused department or division number. You can use the Del/Renumber Accounts option to renumber them later.


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