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Program the "Esc" Key or "CTRL+Backspace" Keys to Close Current Window / Form

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Program the "Esc" Key or "CTRL+Backspace" Keys to Close Current Window / Form


Please program the "Esc" key (or some other CTRL+key combination, such as "CTRL+Backspace") to allow users to close the current window / form.  This would be the opposite of using "CTRL+Q" to QuickZoom, and allow users to prepare a return without having to constantly switch between mouse and keyboard.

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Level 3

I don't often touch my keyboard. What should replace the current form when you press in escape in your suggested scenario?

Ctl-Tab will move to the prior form.

Ctl-Shift-Tab will move to the original form

Ctl-F will open a forms list. There are shortcuts to select forms from the list.

Ctl-U will open a list of forms in use in the return

Level 15
Returning Member

I appreciate your comments, but none address the issue.

Ctrl+Shift+Tab returns the user to another open form, but not necessarily the form that Ctrl+Q (QuickZoom) was executed from.

Ctrl+← and Ctrl+→ just cycle through all forms that are in use.

When I'm done entering data on a form, why do I need to use my mouse to click on the "x" in the top right corner of the form to close it and return to the form that I originated from?  Why not enable a keyboard shortcut to close the form?

Level 3

Okay. I rarely use quick zoom so I never ran into that problem. Hope you find a solution.

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